In the era of the 21st century, the highly developed business and competition between similar products become particularly intense.Each product develops from a new product to the market, and then use a variety of platforms or advertisements raising the level of audience awareness of the product to expand the influence of the product. A fact to admit that every market people are looking forward to a unique practical marketing plan,anxious to sell their products anywhere in the world,and make the brand rooted into the hearts of the audience . When you walk into the mall displaying many kind of of various commodities , looking for something, are you worried about which brand should you choose? Did you choose those items you are familiar with,presenting on the screen or on other advertising ways? The answer may mostly be yes. Thus, branding and marketing are today business trade competition eternal theme.In addition to traditional marketing methods such as advertising and public relations , another way is promotion. At Raymin Display , we listen to your voice , feel your demands , and strive to provide you with a realistic and best of Product marketing programs, focusing on using the display, digital photo frames and other ancillary display accessories combined to make your products stand out in the range of stores,and get the customer 's favor.

At the same time , when environmental protection has become a contemporary theme , shelf paper displays are widely popular for its lightweight,  diverse structures , eye-catching, easy to assemble and disassemble,and environmentally friendly features .Naturally,it become the favorable object regarded by product developers . Being popular in America and Europe , China began shelf paper production and processing in 2004 to now . Paper shelf display has gradually quietly popular in China mainland, Hong Kong,and other places , playing an increasingly important role in the market competition.

Raymin Display Products Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the display products industry for decades , from the beginning of the processing plant,to now owning e-commerce marketing team,.The company has six designers in cardboard display industry and printing industry for many years of structural and graphic design , a well-trained professional production workers , as well as specialized quality supervision departments of product quality and strict supervision . Products range from paper shelf production at the first beginning, to later offering a variety of related products such as digital photo frames , acrylic display stand, packaging products such as cartons , paper V-boards and paper pallets, making the greatest efforts to providing customers with the most suitable products for its product marketing , as well as the optimal packaging and shipping solutions , so that bring the maximum benefits to the customers at the least cost. As long as you have a real demand , you will be able to find your point of sale cardboard display at Raymin !

According to size,we can divide the display to floor and counter design.According to the structure , it can be divided into shelf display, hook display, cell display , paper pallet display and paper dump bin.According to the products shown,it can be divided into cosmetic display , energy saving lamps display stand, display of toys , stationery display stand ,daily product display stand and so on . You only need to provide us with a similar display layout you want , tell us about your product packaging size,how to arrange the product and print with your own product logo, a unique and tailored cardboard display design will naturally come.
As a tool to provide ancillary services to the cardboard display, digital photo frames always bring an unexpected surprise to the customer. Imagine a cardboard display printed with your product logo and with your products neatly placed on the supermarket ,when some music comes,and a dynamic adverting films repeated playing all the time,are you still worried that customers will not be moved by it?

As far as we know,some consumer products such as electronics products, headphones or glasses, the customers prefer to try it by listening or wearing to judge their quality . In a large store, all products are neatly placed in their own display shelves with its own brands , only your display installing a small acrylic PDQ display with your products on and marked with the words "Try me" , Which headphones of glasses do you prefer to choose if you were the client? The answer is definitely the latter one,I guess.
Paper shelf can be flat packed and easy to assemble, which is really deeply loved by many clients.Many customers choose display flat packed and shipped to his country , and put their on filling in with products in local

 place. While a fact is that , for China, the world's factory ,clients were attracted not only the affordable products, but also the cheap labor cost .More and more customers prefer to assemble and fill their products in directly in Chinese factories.Even though some extra freight happened , they also feel this way is more affordable in the view of entire business. 

So, how to safely ship the stereoscopic display shelves full of  products to customer’s country , and even safely sending to customer's stores, is a critical issue. To solve this problem , V-boards, paper pallets and shrouds came into being theperfect combination of the three , this issue will be able to be solved.

In short , Raymin Display Products Co., Ltd. Is always adhering to provide the most suitable products to maximize the benefits of the concept of marketing tools and programs , making every effort to provide customers with the highest quality display products to meet the greatest needs of customers.