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        As a promoting and displaying tool in supermarket and stores,cardboard display has played a more and more impoortant role. First is the various of performance.From PDQ to floor display,floor display with shelf to hooks, a branded product can be everywhere by using different kinds of cardboard display. This makes inadvertentlyclient buy it. Second is display's functional.Different from traditional selling by workers,cardboard display presents a high quality advertisement with LCD photo frames,which makes good feelings and impressive to the clients.Third is display's colorful.Cardboard display can be printed with any kinds of artworks for any kinds of brands.Compared to traditional display,it has unique brand marketing advantage.Forth is the re-assembly and light,which makes it become the first choice when there was a anual promotion and big promotion in a supermarket.

       Based on its structure,we have shelf display,hook display and cell display. Different structure can be applied to differnt products. Shelf display can be used to products with its own standing package,let's say shampoo. Hook display can be used to products with holes on its top,for example electric products. Cell display can be used to products such as books,cards and so on.

        This kind of floor display are widely used in supermarket and stores for displaying and promotion,industries ranges from food,houseware,cosmetics,toys,electrics and other kinds of products. Lying on its creative structure and attractive artwork printing,it makes clients pay highly attention on this. It changes the tradition of promoting and selling by workers.