Graphic Instructions

According to size,we can divide the display to floor and counter design.According to the structure , it can be divided into shelf display, hook display, cell display , paper pallet display and paper dump bin.According to the products shown,it can be divided into cosmetic display , energy saving lamps display stand, display of toys , stationery display stand ,daily product display stand and so on . You only need to provide us with a similar display layout you want , tell us about your product packaging size,how to arrange the product and print with your own product logo, a unique and tailored cardboard display design will naturally come.

So far,we have offered structure designing,manufactuering and assembling services to many world famous brands,such as the biggest supermarkets in the world,namely Walmart,Woolworth,Coles and Gillette,Snickers,M&M's,Pedigree,Whiskas.As a beginning,many client cannot know very clearly about what they want,they just need to advise their product size and let us know how do they want to arrange products on the display shelf,we will offer some available designs for their choice,and offer a layout for their confirmation.A sample will be offered to them to confirm if it is ok to load the weight.A unique display usually comes after a sample confirmed.To avoid any risk for the display production,we will offer clients a pre-order sample and a color approval for their confirmation at first.Generally speaking,many client would like the cardboard display,paper shelf,display rack flat packed to save shipping cost. While a fact is that , for China, the world's factory ,clients were attracted not only the affordable products, but also the cheap labor cost .More and more customers prefer to assemble and fill their products in directly in Chinese factories.Even though some extra freight happened , they also feel this way is more affordable in the view of entire business. So, how to safely ship the stereoscopic display shelves full of  products to customer’s country , and even safely sending to customer's stores, is a critical issue. To solve this problem , V-boards, paper pallets and shrouds came into being the perfect combination of the three , this issue will be able to be solved.

It's is a little dull if only a display shelf standing in the supermarket promoting its goods,as a tool to provide ancillary services to the cardboard display, digital photo frames always bring an unexpected surprise to the customer. Imaging a cardboard display printed with your product logo and with your products neatly placed on the supermarket ,when some music comes,and a dynamic adverting films repeated playing all the time,are you still worried that customers will not be moved by it?This brings clients not only visual impact but also sense of hearing,so that it makes client interested in it very much.

As far as we know,some consumer products such as electronics products, headphones or glasses, the customers prefer to try it by listening or wearing to judge their quality . In a large store, all products are neatly placed in their own display shelves with its own brands , only your display installing a small acrylic PDQ display with your products on and marked with the words "Try me" , Which headphones of glasses do you prefer to choose if you were the client? The answer is definitely the latter one,I guess.

In short , Wevast Display Products Co., Ltd. Is always adhering to provide the most suitable products to maximize the benefits of the concept of marketing tools and programs , making every effort to provide customers with the highest quality display products to meet the greatest needs of customers.